Anyone is welcome who'd like to 
・enjoy music ・watch sports ・play darts
・learn different cultures ・have international drinks
・have a great time!!

 I've been running an English conversation school for 7 years and always interested in learning about the culture differences between Japan and other contries. It's difficult to explain everything about Japan I'll try to explain many things in English. Ask me anything about Japan. Look forward to talking with you! 

Japanese will explain about their culture in English

Many tourists might feel that they'd like to talk with locul people and ask about their true culture but it is diffecult to find somebody who speaks English well. Then English Only Pub is a great place to talk with local people.The people who come to the pub are happy to speak English and talk to you. Make a great memory in Japan.

Frienndly staff from around the world!!

Our staff are only friendly people from many countries who are living in Japan. Of course they know a lot about Japanese things so you can ask about many things and share the feeling. 

We can explain the detail of Sake, Shochu and so on!

 Not only we have English menu, but we have detailed information about many types of Sake, Shochu, beers and whiskeys. There is no place like English Only Pub where you can learn and drink at once. 
Drink menu

All people are interested in world cultures!! 

The people who come to English Only Pub are interested in world cultures and are learning English in order to know more about them. Many of them like traveling, world sports, languages, music, movies and so on. It will be easy to talk and find something in common here. Therefore it's a great place to make new friends.

The quality of the event is totally different!!

There are many similar events such as international parties or Meeeups but how to prepare the events is very different from them. We discuss the details how we entertain people for a long time and using big screen and power point, and some other devices, we always try best to make the event fun to everyone. For example, we explained the differences of world whiskeys at Whiskey tasting workshop and everyone enjoyed the well made quiz questions at International Quiz party. You'll experience a different event here at English Only Pub.  

Many types of games to have a great conversation!

We prepare many types of games with which we can enjoy the game as well as conversation. Our Jenga has a question on each piece and we can enjoy the thrill and the conversation answering it.

Our original conversation card game is the same rule as UNO so anyonw can understand how to play it very easily. We can get to know each other answering the questions on the card. 

If you get high score on Count Up, you'll get a free drink or food from the pub. You won't have to pay for drinks if you play well!!

Plus we have some traditional Japanese toys such as Kendama, Wanage, and Daruma Otoshi. These toys are simple but fun to play. You'll want them after playing here.


Easy English Speaking Club
on September 20th




International Travel Workshop
vol.1 London
on September 23rd




Open Mike night!! vol.1
on September 24th




Shochu tasting workshop!!
on September 30th